About Us

The Intrix Group was established in 2003 by a group of dedicated engineers with more than 20 years of experience and passion in the the thermal and humidity technology industry. Intrix embarked on its journey into Europe many years ago and has gained significant experience by working in the United Kingdom (UK) to provide R&D consultancy services on heating solutions.

Since then, Intrix has rapidly developed into added-value design as well as manufacture and supply of hot water and heating technology solutions to leading water heater providers in the UK. We were partnered for the 2012 London Olympic Villages Project and since then have emerged as a brand holder.

What We Do

Intrix has now established ourselves globally, and true to our foundations, we innovate and think ahead to meet the needs of society and the times we live in. From water heating, purification and hydration solutions, we rose to the occasion in serving the demands for various top-notch medical aids and supplies faced by the community druing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Intrix is ever committed to serving others and prividing trustworthy incomparable products to the global community while prioritizing social and environmental responsibility. Intrix will always take the steps needed to stay ahead and serve you better. We have a wide range of eminent clientele in different industries that we are proud to have served.

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